Past projects and clients.

I‘ve worked on a bunch of little projects over the years but these are the ones that I‘m most proud of. If there‘s a specific kind of project that you‘d like my help on, get in touch and I‘ll try and dig up some examples of related work.

  • Twirl

    Twirl is a platform for data teams looking to ship value, not tooling. It lets you deploy data pipelines from day one and manages all infrastructure and scaling.

  • EF

    EF combines language training with cultural exchange, academic achievement and educational travel.

  • Hidden Dreams

    Hidden Dreams invests and develops innovative ventures in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Beyond Us

    Beyond Us is a co-working space, store and café located in Malmö, Sweden.

  • tendmill

    tendmill offers a digital solution to the incredibly time-consuming task of procurement.

  • abacube

    Abacube offers a digital service for compensation calculations in insurance case.

  • Certainli

    Certainli offers a central portal to find, store and keep track of the test documentation you need for your components.

  • Kaperia

    Kaperia do long-term investments in European software companies.

  • North House

    North House offers a digital solution for governance frameworks storage across an organisation.

  • Zuna

    Zuna offers software that collects and analyzes customer data automatically for a more accurate e-commerce assortment selection.

  • Vasakronan

    Vasakronan offer attractive premises in communicative locations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala.

  • Lotsvillan

    Lotsvillan offers unique accommodation just by the Falsterbokanal in southwestern Skåne.

  • Chaintraced

    ChainTraced is a leading provider of digital end-to-end traceability solutions focused on tracing raw material to end product.